Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Youth are Changemakers of Society

Young people should generate the very best ideas to transform the community and the world, develop a culture of peace, non-violent and work towards a budding information society; where specially youth is not the only leader of tomorrow, but they are current positive changemakers and partners of their community and the world. We have a deadly internal war, and 13,000 of our brothers and sisters depart from us forever within these ten years. Yet, presently, the country is heading towards a peace accord.

Led by a grassroots people’s movement seeking to regain democratic control, Nepal may have finally turned a corner and be on the road to lasting peace. The King has relinquished power, an interim government has been formed, the Maoists have called a cease-fire, and a peace process is seemingly underway. But, in the cycle of conflict, such opportunities to gain peace are very fragile. Moreover, as recent unrest in the Terai region of Nepal demonstrates, many marginalised groups still wish to have their voices heard and demand a more inclusive political representation.

Youth are changemakers of society

As the peace process moves forward and citizens discuss an inclusive vision of a new Nepal, we should listen and implement civil society agendas. It is essential to listen to the voices and perspectives of youth too. Youth have been heavily affected by ongoing violence and human rights abuses. Children have a vital stake in tackling the root causes of conflict and promoting long-term stability and development.

No shortcut is there to reach peace. It is the most complicated process, and one must cross innumerable bends. Peace does not come itself with the drumbeat sounds on the horizon. It shoots up with sitting the faces of differences together, talking about the issues and searching for the best options for agreement. Peace dialogue is the selection of the best alternatives among the proposed heaps of agendas. So many challenges have to be shouldered. In dealing with the risks, each has to have the patience to open the doors of possibilities. Diplomacy could play a leading role.

We youth must build a vital forum on encouraging, supporting and working in solidarity with young national and international people promoting peaceful alternatives to violence. Today’s youth must necessarily be part of achieving lasting and firm peace and helping shape Nepal’s human rights and peaceful future. And make an excellent example for others. Universally, any group of people will never take weapons to raise their voiceless voices, freedom of expression, institutional democracy and sustainable peace.

In my view, We have an opportunity to create a magnificent new world and have a grave responsibility to take action now. The young people of our world hold the key to the necessary global transformation. It transforms from a Culture of War and Violence into a Culture of Peace – peace for oneself, one’s family and friends, society and the world community. Together we can make it happen or turn our backs and accept the world others create for us – good or bad. Many different national and international forums bring together youth from around the world who are greatly inspired to be the change agents in our world, creating a better world for all. And Together, we can make a difference for ourselves and the next generation.

I felt that negligence, avoidance, and compulsive sacrifice never help solve the problem; instead, understanding others’ needs and concerns, respecting self and others, and listening to unheard voices are the keys to solving any issues. We also learned the importance of networking and why one instrument couldn’t create an orchestra. Networking among youths is critical to know cultural differences and individual perspectives. After perceiving from the perspective of another, we can estimate the cause of various conflicts in every part of the world.

And hence we can initiate peace works right from the local community by respecting individual rights and accepting cultural and ethnic differences for managing and transforming conflicts. The root cause of disputes is insensitivity and disrespect to other cultures, identities and freedoms. And, time and again, suitable from ancient times’ youths have been continuously being exploited and used in violent activities, be it from the Government side or the rebels’ side, be it in the name of religion or the name of identity or be it in the name of nationality or the name of superiority. Now the time has come to support youths in peace works.

Finally, It is also the responsibility of the youths to promote Human Rights practices and work of peace to change the community. Is violence the very nature of youths? Are youths only the weapon for violence? Are youth so aggressive that they only bring destruction, vandalism and disturbances into this world? Can’t they participate in recreational work like saving humanity, restoring peace, and protecting Women’s Rights and Child Rights?

These queries have been the most effective plan in nations like Nepal. Now, the time has ripened, and it’s high time for the youths to prove they also have compassionate hearts that can love humanity and adore their existence. They also have the spirit of saving this beautiful earth and setting an example for every human. And youth power can be the most incredible power to bring humanity together to restore peace and change the community and the world.


By Phadindra

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