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Young Female Change the World

What do you first think about Young Female Change the World? Females constitute about half the population of this globe and receive from men, governments and religious organisations in some parts of the world. If the female gets the same freedom enjoyed by males and the country’s laws clearly state that females are to be treated as male equal in all spheres of life, then a female can occupy the highest office in any nation. She can enter any profession and even the field of politics, and there is no prohibited area for her.

Young females in urban areas have come forward to compete with men and demand their share of places or jobs in legislatures, government offices and other institutions, including business concerns. However, no such opportunities exist for females living in remote villages where they are compelled to draw water from wells and springs situated many miles away for drinking and washing purposes.

Young Female Change the World

There is a reasonable quotation by Napoleon Bonaparte, “Give me a good mother. I’ll give you a good nation.” From this statement, we know that female is also great in the eye of male. Some female youngsters, particularly those studying in colleges and universities, love to get high with cocaine and other intoxicants.

Females in rural areas fall into two categories; those who belong to do families live a comfortable life, but those from farm labourers work hard in their houses and fields. However, it is bitter that women claiming equality and freedom are chronic in stripteases, beauty contests, romance, marrying, and divorcing their male counterparts in Western culture. The reality of contemporary liberty and satisfaction has absorbed them in the status-quism, not thinking and planning for the future. To be acquainted with the present state of freedom and equality, the Western female had to wage a long and arduous struggle lasting more than a century.

The female emancipation movement, spearheaded by many feminist societies, ultimately secured their fundamental rights. On the one hand, a uniform civil code will permit females greater freedom and equality; on the other hand, communities of minority status are dead set against such a code. As the Socio-political and economic threat has drawn greater attention in the modern age, females fighting for freedom and equality fiercely fall behind in the shade. It is a bitter reality that women are discouraged in the national and international arena stage. Even the media highlights the leaders and highly professional males in publicity rather than the females on whom the program is focused.

The sympathy for significant issues, grievances and ill-treatment of females is shown only when some national or international conferences are organised. However, Amnesty International and some other human rights organisations continue to focus on the plight of females in those countries where they are not treated as human beings. Even the UNO is aware of denying equality and justice to females in many countries. Most females are fighting for freedom, equality and peace. I wonder what is in the universe that a female can not do! We can encourage ourselves with numerous examples of females like Madam Quire, Florence Nightingale, and Mother Teresa.

Young females can drive society independently because they have a strong will, dynamism, intellect and the ability to network in changing their communities. In this 21st century, young females can participate and compete with a male in any field. In this context, Feminist has raised the slogan “Male and female are equal, and there are no differences between them due to their gender, race and classes they are from”. Females may have not only beautiful faces but also a good brains. Therefore, they can bring success in any field where they want.


It is a fact that females and males have a place to develop and sharpen their talents and capabilities and widen their thinking horizons. It requires some fundamental things to comply with for a better future, such as qualification, skill and willpower. The essential thing is confidence and desire. Females, the most worthy characters, have been dynamically enthusiastic over some particular aims and goals. For every young generation, enthusiasm is necessary for climbing the ladder of success. To reach the present success of freedom and equality, the female had to wage for a long.

The female emancipation movement spearheaded by many feminist societies ultimately secured them such fundamental rights as educational facilities, employment opportunities, voting rights and humane divorce laws. But each community of the country wants to be governed by its law which is heavily weighted against women. Only a uniform civil code can give women greater freedom and equality, but minority communities are dead-set against such a code.

To overcome the seen or unseen problems of females, groups of youth females from different sectors form one forum named “Young Female Change the World”. Under the auspices of this campaign, yearly discussions are held in various sectors to improve the intricacy of females and suggest better ways of achieving the goal.

Female participation in the freedom struggle ensures a bright future for women. Females could put aside their veils and participate in the battle for independence. The constitution grants equality to all females. Society has accepted the new concept of feminism. Today, young females are advancing in every field. They study various subjects like history, philosophy, psychology, science, mathematics, arts etc. They are now doctors, engineers, professors, administrators, lawyers, politicians, scientists and artists. They have entered the military, armed forces and air force. Females secure a highly respectable position in respected areas. These females have proved their worth and calibre in their respective departments successfully.

The main focus of this organisation is for the young female to build up the law on their side and make awareness of their rights that has placed both urban and rural females and create the situation from which there are straightforward and honourable positions. Females can raise their voices against the antisocial attribute. Young female is the actual builders of the nation. They are the founder of the home, and the house is the country’s foundation. Thus, the power of the government is in the hands of a young female. It is rightly said, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the power that rules the world”.

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