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Technology in the Modern World

Have you wondered about the impact of technology on our daily lives? Maybe the tech items won’t count in your fingers because there are so many. But this is how we can imagine the impact of Technology in the Modern World. Think about the first thing you need right after you wake up. Is it a cup of coffee or a smartphone? Well, we all know the most probable answers.

All of us want our life to be easy and stress-free, so what helps us the most is, of course, the products of technology. It won’t make sense to travel some miles, buy something, and come back home when you can have the required things at home with some taps on your smartphone. Therefore, we are constantly surrounded by technology wherever we go.

Technology in the Modern World

Brief History

Years ago, people walked hours to cover a couple of miles of distance. Then, they waited days to receive a message from friends and family. So, everything would take time and a lot of energy. The first technology ever developed by humans was stone tools, through which they would create knives, hammers, axes, and arrowheads.

As humans settled in agricultural societies, technology evolved, including metal tools instead of stone ones. They reshaped the metals by raising their temperature and transforming them into required forms. The evolution of technology continues to this day, where nothing seems possible without using technology. So it has continued since then.

Everyday Use of Technology

Some standard technology we use every day are:

Home Appliances

Home appliances are the primary forms of technology we use every day. The list may include anything in your house, like light bulbs, fans, refrigerators, coffee machines, washing machines etc., and the list goes on and on. You obviously can’t imagine your life without these things today.


Computers and Laptops are electronic devices created to make human life more manageable. Firstly, they used them for calculations, but you know the uses now. We can do almost everything using computers, like studying, entertainment, software development, graphics designing, filmmaking and many more. The internet was introduced in 1983, giving more value to using computers. It made life even easier because we could know anything we wanted, and distance was never a problem in communicating or staying informed about what was happening in any corner of the world.


Computers were so prominent in their early days, but with evolution, the size gradually shrank and increased performance. The process continued until smartphones were introduced in 1994, featuring calling and using various valuable applications. Today, we can book transportation, click pictures and videos, buy stuff, and do business with smartphones.

Smart Televisions

Television’s sole purpose was entertainment and news, but now smart televisions can do almost anything your phone or laptop can do. With the addition of extra features, the quality of the content we see on television has also increased because only black and white images were visible on the first televisions.


While using electronic items, accessories have become almost compulsory because they add value to our electronics, making it easier to use computers with accessories. For example, using headphones to listen from a computer is like using a spoon to eat from a plate, so accessories play a vital role. Some of the most used and essential accessories today are earphones/headphones, flash drives, speakers, power banks etc.

Above are the most common technologies we use daily, but more are used in particular fields and can be operated only by experts. Some essential terms in the technology field could be Web hosting, IT Tools, WordPress, Graphic Design, SEO etc. In addition, a wide range of areas in the IT sector has been created to evolve technology further.

Besides the use of technology in the ordinary world, they are used in various sectors:



Medical Field: Ultrasound imaging, X-rays, Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans etc., are expected impacts of technology in the Medical Field.


E-Commerce: Technology is used for payment, marketing, analytics, research etc.


Government: E-Registrations, Contracts Management, Research, Data Collection and many more.


Military: Conventional Weapons, Sensors, Simulation and Modeling, Battlespace Environments etc.

The list can continue on and on because technology has an impact in almost every field.

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