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Best IT tools in 2022 – Stack Overflow IT tools 2022

In 2022, Stack Overflow conducted its annual developer survey, which published Best IT Tools in 2022. In The Annual Developer Survey, 70,000 respondents came from over 180 countries and covered topics such as coding lessons, technologies preferences, version control, and professional development.

Best IT Tools in 2022

The tools and technologies developers use and want to use are explored yearly. So as well as the favourite Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted data, we also have the Worked With. Wanted to Work With shows us precisely what developers used last year and what they want to use next year. For more information on how Loved, Dread and Wanted are structured or how the intuition behind Worked With vs. 

2022 Developer Survey

According to the Stack Overflow Developers Survey, Java Script was still the most popular programming language in 2022. It is mainly due to its lightweight nature and easy integration with other frameworks/languages. JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language that is easy to learn because JavaScript code can be written in any simple code editor and executed directly into a web browser. An interpreted programming language is a lightweight language commonly used to create dynamic web pages and interact with users.

  • JavaScript: Popular Programming, scripting, and markup languages

  • MySQL – The most popular Database

  • AWS – The Most Popular Cloud Platform

  • Node JS – The Most Popular Web Framework and technology

  • Tensorflow – Most Popular for Machine Learning

  • Visual Studio Code – The most Popular IDE (Integrated development environment ) 

  • Jira Work Management – Most Popular Project Management Tool

  • Zoom & Microsoft Teams – Most Popular Synchronous PM Tool

  • Windows – Most Popular Operating System

  • Rust – Most Loved & wanted

  • Closure, Erlang, F#, Dynamo DB, Couchbase, Cassandra, Colocation, AWS, Phoenix, Ruby on Rails, Apache Spark, Kafka – Most Paying Technology ( Language, DB, Framework, Platform etc.)

  • GIT – The most Popular Version of Control

According to Survey,
“We utilise Stack Overflow’s annual survey questions to improve our community and platform. Our challenge and opportunity are to expand our capability and enhance our ability to help all developers and make them feel welcome in our community in the future. Please refer to the next page for more insight into software artists, tools, and environments.”

At last, Over 70,000 developers participated in May 2022 survey to find out how they level up and learn, which tools they use, and what they need. 

Hope you like our information on Best IT Tools in 2022. Explore if you want to see the complete list 2022 Developer Survey.


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