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Best idea to change the world

(First published date: 2006/2007)


We strongly believe in respecting fundamental civil liberty, sustainable peace, development and Democracy. Our initiative should spin around strategic philosophy, trouble-solving, and preparation agendas under the issue of peace, not putting too much stress on temporary conflict solutions. People must realise that peace is a procedure; furthermore, creating and developing something new is possible only in long-lasting peace.

If we have to be educated about it, we can reach to change the world. We should raise awareness for peace, justice and democracy among the world’s people. To develop peace in the world, its residents must be safe and able to trust the government or authority that protects them. In today’s world, where the people in power are so corrupt, and the safety of the citizens is hindered, it isn’t easy to provide peace with a single chance.

When citizens of the world face unfair situations, they are bound to be violent, the nation starts losing signs of peace, and revolution takes place. I think the concept of justice has become more prominent in today’s world, where terrorism is a significant threat countries face. Justice can be best achieved by identifying terrorists and punishing them severely.

Best idea to change the world

Democracy is fundamental for any country to achieve development. Suppose a government cannot be democratic and is always under the rule of a dictatorship or other countries. In that case, the people start feeling like they are losing their fundamental rights, freedom and independence. It can confidently state that no peace can be obtained without justice and democracy. Justice and democracy make development possible.

If the culprits are not punished, the innocent suffer, if people cannot live independently, and if powerful countries start dominating weaker ones, the only possible outcomes can be violence and war. War can create conflict in the world but can not revolutionise the international community. Countries like Iraq can never experience peace until the US retracts its army from their land and lets Iraq gain its democracy back, and when terrorists leave the country and its residents feel they have obtained justice and equality.

So to raise awareness about peace, we must restore the justice system and ensure that innocent people do not suffer and are not dominated. Only after people start feeling that their voices have been heard and there is still truth and justice on the earth will there be a chance for peace to prevail. Well, the present situation is that most countries are spending their funds on manufacturing weapons and are involved in war rather than on education, health care, or other social development issues.

As a result, there are extreme poverty and hunger throughout the world. In every country, certain people are below the poverty line. Therefore, the fund which the government has should be used in such a way that poverty can be eradicated. After poverty is destroyed, only then can a country be developed. So instead of spending only on weapons and wars, the fund has to be equally distributed and paid in all sectors. An individual’s health status depends on the services provided by the country. The health sector is vital and is a priority for everyone. Hence, the nation should uplift the benefit of health care.

We can take the example of Nepal, where health care is minimal. In rural areas, there is no facility for health care. People still go to traditional healers instead of going to doctors. In the village, there are no facilities and no doctors. If the government spends funds on providing facilities, then the health of the citizens would be good. Instead of spending the funds on only one aspect, all the elements should be equally important.

Only when and if the country’s population is educated can the government get skilled human resources. Therefore, quality education should be spread to all parts of the country to every child free of cost. Ignoring other sectors like health, education, transportation, communication, and development, the government should stop buying weapons and focus on other aspects.

The world today has been facing various problems. There should be ways made to solve the present situation. Steps should be taken earlier to stop the problems or let the issues not occur again. The influential people should now re-think how the problems can be eradicated. Hence they should start thinking from the base. The leaders, the officials and the industrialist should now believe from the root. If the basis of a plant is firm, then the plan will be successful. Therefore, plans should be made for development. The leaders are the ones to give direction to the country.

Hence, they should have a clear vision of the country’s citizens’ needs and where the government should be taken. For all these, they should think from the root. According to Dr Martin Luther King, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defence than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” The amount of funds being spent on weapons is increasing every year. Even though most of the military expenses occurred in the US due to its war on Iraq, there is an even increase in military costs worldwide.

In a developing country such as Nepal, the budget allocated maximum funds for military purposes in 2005. Majorities of the funds spent on military issues are directly related to purchasing more weapons for destruction. The effect of this is the decrease in funding for other issues more critical to society. For example, organisations could benefit much more if the money spent buying weapons was used for education. The state of public schools today around the world is full of crime, and the standard of education has decreased in the past few years.

In developed countries, you can hear a case of children bringing a gun to school and shooting other school children almost every week. Millions of children worldwide are deprived of a normal childhood, struggle to survive, and malnutrition is a severe defects child in developing countries face. Educational institutions need higher education standards; public schools do not have proper funding, so the students in those institutions cannot get a good education.

Water and problem are scarce of droughts in many parts of the country; natural disasters are occurring in every aspect of the world, and billions and billions of people do not even get to eat a healthy meal once a day. But all these social issues are neglected, and most of the nation’s funding is spent on building its military power and buying more weapons daily. Similarly, developing international mechanisms, presser groups for conflict resolution, and respect for human rights are other ways to keep a peaceful world.

There is a lot of injustice happening in the world. It is clearly stated in the United Nations Declaration of human rights that every individual should be treated equally. But there are still many issues which tend to differentiate and treat a group as superior to others. Many people are killed and mistreated due to discrimination, be it religious or racial. Religious discrimination led to thousands of Jews being massacred in the Holocaust. There is a never-stopping conflict in India and Pakistan between Muslims and Hindus.

African Americans are still isolated and looked down upon in the world’s most developed country, the United States of America. People are dying daily in South Asian countries like India and Nepal due to racial discrimination. The rich and the elite always have looked down upon the poor. The poor and the unemployed have always been deprived of the benefits that other people have used. The best solution to stop such conflicts and guarantee that the concept of human rights is followed throughout the world is necessary to develop an international group which can give equality and justice to the world’s citizens.

The UN has initiated this effort to promote human rights. This led to the establishment of the Universal Declaration of human rights by the United Nations in December 1948. The declaration promotes equality and the freedom for every human to live equally. But this declaration must be more vital to enforce all that is stated. The word is old and needs to be updated too. Fewer nations are following the principle of human rights, which has led to conflicts and the suppression of some people.

To resolve these conflicts worldwide and ensure that everyone experiences human rights, it is necessary to develop an international mechanism adopted by all nations. Not only will this group have the power to empower those suppressed and give them their rights, but it will also have the power to punish those violating human rights. This will lead to less conflict because everyone is treated equally, and there is hardly any issue to blame one another. Another significant point is to create a forum for education, peace, advocacy, skills development, etc.

Due to the lack of media, employment and opportunities, the youths need to be more engaged. The forum can help active and encourage the child; moreover, there will be less chance for them to be involved in the conflict. When the youths are employed, then their minds will not be idle. This forum will help in peacebuilding and peacekeeping as well. Skills development programs are a must in today’s world. If rural people are trained in specific skill development programs, they can sustain their livelihood. Forum for advocacy-aware women, and they can get their rights and fight for their rights.

Finally, development is only achieved after getting sustainable peace. And sustainable peace is only obtained after freedom of expression, institutional democracy, equity, justice, liberty, opportunities etc. Besides, low-quality education, health hazard, poverty, and the prevalence of social evil hinder development. People are conscious of human rights and attitudes towards their leaders. Their rights are an alternative cause for the way to change the world.

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