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Web Hosting Server - Cheap and Secure Server Beginners Guide

Web Hosting Server – Finding a cheap and secure server (Web Hosting Server)  isn’t easy; it’s like blood, sweat, and tears. The internet is full of hosting companies appealing to provide excellent services at a minimum price, but things are not. Here on the list, we have concluded some tips on a cheap and secure server with a recommendation for the website you care about. But before diving into the topic, let’s play with a few questions below.

What does it take to be a cheap server?

Offering a cheap server in this vast competitive hosting world seems to have some new offers, promotions or limited services. Many hosting companies nowadays provide well-managed services for a lower price, but choosing a timely offer is not a good idea if you want to run your website for a long time. Similarly, to promote their hosting services and attract most users, some hosting servers offer new hosting services, but they will only last for a while.

Besides, the majority of the server offer cheap hosting services at a low price with limited facilities. Such a hosting server consists of less disk space, less RAM, less bandwidth and less security, making it worthless to host your website. So, to be cheap, it must be off-limit services or any third-grade intention in most cases. So the server should be secure too, not only affordable. Then?

What does it take to be a secure server?

A server needs to be encrypted with authentication To be secure. Furthermore, it needs better security, consideration for sensitive data, affiliation to third parties, etc. In most cases, the secure server comes with extra charges compared to the non-secure one because the secure server encompasses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certification with TSL (Transport Layer Security) capable of encrypting and decrypting information to guarantee against the third party.

Therefore, though a secure server comes with extra expenses, it is a must-have for the business containing sensitive data of properties like an online shop, online transactions, etc. In addition, a secure server occupies SSL Certification, CGI Encryption, and safe, regular updates and in-house incident response teams to respond in need. To have a clear insight into types of Web Hosting and How Web Hosting Works? You can choose your hosting services (environment) wisely depending on your project or business requirement. Types of hosting services are described below:

  1. Shared Web Hosting – Read our Cheap and Secure Web Hosting Review
  2. VPS Web Server – VPS Hosting Reviews
  3. Dedicated Web Server – Dedicated Server Reviews
  4. Managed WordPress Hosting – WordPress Hosting Reviews
Web Hosting Server

1) Shared Web Server

Having a website is crucial in today’s business. No matter if you are Elon Musk or a neighbourhood café shop owner. Every business now a day’s relay on the website to promote their business, but it is out of expenses for a small business to invest a large portion of their budget on the website and crucial web hosting. So if your site needs little, you should go with shared web hosting. So let’s go in-depth about the shared web server.

As the name suggests, a shared web server is about sharing server resources with multiple users. In a shared web server, the various user data are hosted in a single server of a Data Center. Let’s examine being in a house with a family to exemplify it. You share resources (Food, room, etc.) with your siblings and overall family members as a family member. In the case of shared web hosting, the situation is the same, meaning you share your total resources.

Advantages of a Shared Web Hosting



a) Affordable price

b) Fast support and maintenance


d) Support to flourish

a) Affordable price/cheap and secure server

A server is costly its high security, excellent maintenance and numerous services. But things are different in the case of a shared web server since multiple users share the server resources. As a result, the overall cost is divided among the various users making it affordable compared to the dedicated web server. The hosting company SiteGround offers its shared hosting plan starting at $2.75/month, which is top on our recommendation list. Could you read the complete review of SiteGround?

b) Fast support and maintenance

A highly experienced and skilled workforce secured and maintained the shared web server. Any issue is rapidly picked up with technical support. Being utilised by multiple clients, any problem or technical fault can hamper the websites connected with the same server, so they highly prioritise security matters. Also, for businesses with less investment in website security, the shared web server company provides total protection to focus on their business, making it a cheap and secure server.

c) Appreciable

In the case of every shared web service provider, the services are well tight. Almost all servers provide a control panel to consider your activities within the server. Also, it allows you to monitor your website activities within the server. In addition, most of the shared web server comes with visitor statistics and web tools to mobilise the web traffic, making them the most appreciated hosting server.

d) Support to flourish

The shared web server suits websites with considerably low traffic, files, and outcomes. But one question strikes; What if the website starts getting colossal traffic? Does it affect potential business growth? Considering your extension, you can get swift to extra hosting ties to control the flow of your website’s performance. A Shared web server comes with different hosting plans, which means you will get services and the server resources on the introductory payment amount.

According to our in-depth research, several hosting companies provide their shared web hosting offers with almost three plans. Best web hosting companies offer a ‘Basic Web Hosting Plan’ starting from around $3-4/mo, allowing you to access one website with about 50GB of space with or without SSD storage, including unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certification.

Secondly, the ‘Medium’ hosting plan costs are around $5-6/mo. You can access the unlimited website with unlimited SSD storage, including unmetered bandwidth and free SSL certification. The ‘Pro’ shared hosting plan costs about $19-20/mo. Giving you the authority to host an unlimited website with unmetered bandwidth and free SSL certification. This Pro hosting plan offers you higher performance than the rest. Almost every hosting company has considerable variation in services, security, number of websites allowed, storage, and the circle of bandwidth among its Startup and Pro plan.

2) VPS Web Server

A virtual Private Server, VPS, is undoubtedly the hosting server in servers. VPS encompasses the features of both dedicated and shared web servers. For example, let’s understand VPS with a refrigerator at your home. The fridge has a vast area of the cooling system divided into different shelves (The top, the middle, etc.) where you put different kinds of stuff (milk, meat, vegetables etc.) separately. The exact process is with the VPS web server. A single dedicated server is defined into portions but is virtually similar to a fridge separated into the shelf.

In a technical elaboration, the complete server is separated by installing virtual layers within the operating system. VPS is usually vital for those having medium web traffic and little cost. VPS comes with different hosting plans ranging from Standard to Ultimate. According to the hosting giant Siteground, the “Entry” plan costs $19/month, offering you the speed of 2 CPU cores and 30GB of RAM. Additionally, it provides 1TB of bandwidth with one domain, one IP address, and, last but not least, 24/7 support.

Secondly, the “Enhanced” plan costs around $29.99/month, offering you 2 CPU cores of speed, 60GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. Additionally, it provides you with 2TB of bandwidth with one domain and two IP addresses. Thirdly, the premium plan starts from around $44.99 and comes with a 3 CPU core of speed, 90 GB SSD and 6GB of RAM. In addition, it provides you with 2TB of bandwidth, one domain and two IP addresses. Lastly, the “Ultimate Plan” starts from around $59.99 and comes with 4CPU cores, 120 GB SSD and 80GB of RAM. Also, it includes one domain and 2 IP addresses.

Advantages of Virtual Private Server (VPS)



a) Affordable Price

b) Control over server resources

c) Easy data backup

d) Secure

a) Affordable Price

VPS, compatible with websites with mid-range web traffic, is affordable. As the whole server space is divided virtually, one can enjoy the service of a single server at a minimum cost. Moreover, you can only pay for the resource you use. Isn’t it a win-win process?

b) Control over server resources

It’s a fact that the virtual private server comes with lots of resources compared to the shared web server. And the best about VPS is that you can mobilise its server resources. By your site performance and requirement, you can have complete authority over development applications, versions of PHP, NodeJS and so on.

c) Easy data backups

Websites can be victims of hackers and viruses in this vast web world. And in that case, the ultimate solution is backup. In VPS, your data are stored on a manual backup allowing you to regain your valuable data.

d) Secure

Data is shared among the websites on a single server. The distribution of server resources is not manual as the shared web server. Instead, in VPS, the server resources are divided with virtual lays compiled with tight security to prevent your data from other server users.

3) Dedicated Web Server

A dedicated web server is a server in which a client/user rents the whole portion of a server. To exemplify, having a dedicated server is like having an entire house which typically means you can do whatever you want. You can modify your rooms according to your need, and invite your relatives and friends whenever you want. The same is with the dedicated web server. Merely saying you have overall server authority with you. Generally, large organisations, businesses or websites with higher traffic prefer dedicated web servers.

Like any other web server, a dedicated server comes with a plan. According to our in-depth research, a reliable web server plan comes from Standard to Premium ranges based on requirements and resources.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server


Since the dedicated web server gives root access to its users, they can control the server resources and functionalities. The list below covers the pons of dedicated web servers with complete elaboration.



a) Flexible

b) Trustworthy

c) Overall Control

d) Top-level Performance

e) Security

a) Flexible

Incredibly huge businesses dare to rent a dedicated web server because they prioritise their sensitive data and want control over them. Therefore, a dedicated web server facilitates a lot to meet the requirement of such users with comprehensive web resources and colossal web traffic. Furthermore, one can have complete control over RAM, CPU, software, and overall disk space and upgrade according to their requirements.

b) Trustworthy

The ultimate reason big businesses prefer dedicated web servers is that they consider their security and data privacy. The dedicated web server provides full authority over the server to compensate them. A secure site eliminates the risk of cybercrime, data loss, etc.

c) Overall Control

You can have full authority over your server resources using a dedicated server. You must choose the operating system, site management tools, and general web application. Complete control over your server resources effectively allows you to manage your security system.

d) Top-level Performance

Unlike other servers, the server resources are not shared elsewhere in a dedicated server. Therefore, it prevents you from fraudulent cyber activities, malicious software, stammering, etc. In addition, most of the dedicated server provides top-level support to enhance your web performance even better.

e) Security

Imagine running a large company with a massive flow of internet resources and limited to the cost of owning a dedicated web server. What would you do? The only option is to host a dedicated web server. The dedicated web server doesn’t share data with other users; you can be 100% sure about your data security and privacy. Indeed, a dedicated web server is cheap and secure for a company like yours.

4) Managed WordPress Hosting

Pretty known about the webserver, you can never be unknown about the famous CMS “WordPress”. With two-thirds of the authority over the web world, WordPress is the well-figured name for content management systems (CMS). As WordPress CMS is winning the hearts of website users globally, hosting companies should meet user expectations regarding compatibility. It is supposed to be a filling meal for a cyber-criminal. But, not to worry because they care a lot about the security of 20 Billion Word Wide users. The CMS focuses on protecting many websites and offers you an accessible WordPress-managed web server, for.COM users.

Nevertheless, many web server companies offer you Managed WordPress Hosting, including Bluehost, Dream Host, etc. Siteground is only one of the Managed WordPress Hosting companies officially recommended by Could you read the complete SiteGround review?

To understand it better, let’s go in-depth about Managed WordPress Web Servers. As mentioned earlier, Managed WordPress web server is a defined type of web server carefully crafted for the WordPress websites you care about. A WordPress-managed web server is a win-win situation for those with their website powered on WordPress CMS because WordPress and web server experts create them. Isn’t it great?

Managed WordPress Hosting comes in different plans ranging from Build-Scale to hosting hero Siteground. The “startUp” comes at $3.95/month, integrated with Jetpack analytics, marketing centre, WP-CLI and SSH, Unlimited Databases and 10 GB of Web Space. And additionally, it offers daily scheduled backup, malware detection, domain privacy and protection.

Secondly, the “Grow Big”, with a cost starting around $5.95/month, comes with Jetpack premium, business review tools, Yoast SEO tools, Unlimited Websites, Free SSL, Unlimited Databases, and Jetpack ads integration. Moreover, it offers 10GB of video compression and Free Email. Lastly, the “GoGeek” costs around $11.95/month and encompasses jetpack pro, PayPal integration, Unlimited Websites, Free SSL, Unlimited Databases, and unlimited video compression. Additionally, it offers blue-sky support.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting



a) Cheap and Secure Server

b) Optimum Performance

c) Backups

d) WordPress Friendly

e) Win-Win Situation

f) User-Friendly

g) No Technical Knowledge is Required

a) Cheap and Secure

Managed WordPress Hosting server is loved for a reason. Genuinely saying, Managed WordPress Web Hosting comes with the functionalities to run a WordPress website. It is crafted for WordPress websites; they will leave any stone unturned regarding security. Due to the combined support of server and WordPress experts, Managed WordPress Hosting is cheap compared to a dedicated server, and safety is at its peak. You can get such managed, affordable and secure servers from WordPress-recommended companies like SiteGround.

b) Optimum Performance

Managed WordPress web server is suitable for a reason its peak performance. Supported by WordPress experts, managed WordPress web hosting is not only about web storage, but they offer many extra services and features depending on your plan to enhance your web performance. The list of services covers; free themes, jetpack integration, review tools, SEO tools and many more.

c) Backups

Most not, but what if you lost all of your data? The only solution to tackle is backups. And to facilitate you with your resources, most of the managed WordPress web server comes with a backup integration.

d) WordPress friendly

It is a unique advantage of Managed WordPress web hosting. Duly crafted and cared for by WordPress experts, they always complete all tasks to provide WordPress users with immense support and a user-friendly experience.

e) No Technical Knowledge is Required

Managed WordPress Hosting is undoubtedly compatible with WordPress, a Cheap and Secure server. Another significant benefit of choosing Managed WordPress Hosting is focusing on your business. Whether you are a small/mid-size enterprise or a Fortune 500 company, you do not need to see any technical aspects of the server. Your hosting provider will manage everything, and you can focus on business development.

In a Nutshell

In this vast world of web server providers, finding cheap and secure hosting is almost sweat, tears, and blood. Protecting our web performance is necessary in today’s growing world of cybercrime and vulgar activities. Therefore, one should go with the fastest server; if it comes cheap, it’s a win-win situation! Reading through the article, if you still need clarification about choosing an affordable and secure server or need to learn about a cheap and secure server, our support agent shall help you. Try live chat, and it’s free.

Finally, we hope you liked the blog: Web Hosting Server. Please explore if you want to compare website hosting and choose the best one.

Similarly, please keep researching the best website hosting. Please note all the prices may change without notice from the service provider, so please check it before you buy Web Hosting Server.