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Web Development Platforms Comparison 

In this web development platform comparison section, we will talk more about Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress Comparison. The technological revolution has brought ease to sellers as well as buyers. There are tons of tools that you may use to design according to your wish. Trying to decide which website builder is the best for you when you are constantly bombarded with ads and information can be overwhelming. WordPress, Wix, and Weebly are the prominent three builders you will probably run into and start comparing in the process. Understanding what ease these web development platforms provide you to build your website and choose the best one is essential. To compare WordPress, Wix and Weebly, you must understand these platforms’ features. It is hard to prepare Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress Comparison.

Web Development Platforms

In-depth comparison of WordPress, Wix and Weebly

Whether a businessperson, professional, artist, comedian or even a teacher, you cannot reach people without using websites. People spend hours of their day going scrolling through the internet. Therefore, if you want people to realize that you have a digital presence and know that you exist, you will need a website. However, your choice is how you create your website and maintain it. In addition, the choices that you make will define how you perform in the digital market.

Web Development Platforms Comparison
Web Development Platforms Comparison

Building a website without a designer

If you are worried about your technical shortcomings, let me tell you that you don’t even need to know the difference between HTML and CSS or any web programming language to design your website. Before introducing tools like WordPress, Wix or Weebly, you had to hire coders or designers designated just for coding. But now, with these technological advancements, you can use premade themes and layout designs to help you design the website in just a few minutes.

Before you start making your website, there are only a few things you need to ensure, such as the name of the business, domain name, Web Hosting, business email address, logos and a few high-resolution images for the web pages. So, I don’t see why someone wouldn’t use the available builders for their websites.

What are the benefits of using a website builder?

A website builder like Wix, WordPress or Weebly makes your work ten times easier than hiring a developer for the same job. Although, in comparison, one might be better than the other, each of these has its strong footholds.

The benefits of a website builder

The website builders help you develop your websites in a few minutes and have them up and running. As a result, you will save a ton of your precious time. You also save a lot of the cost that you might have dumped on a designer instead. They charge you way less than a designer, and your employees can quickly learn it without any pieces of training. You don’t need to be a coder or a designer to set up your business online. The websites are user-friendly and usually have a responsive template that works on multiple devices.

An in-depth overview of Wix, WordPress and Weebly – Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress Comparison – WordPress Website Builder

WordPress started as a blogging platform which was initially released 16 years ago in 2003. WordPress is an open-source content management system. Throughout these years, WordPress has been able to help millions of businesses take their business online. Currently, WordPress powers the world 40% of the entire website on the internet. Not only is it one of the oldest, but it is also the most used platform for building sites. Although WordPress started by hosting blog platforms, it is widespread among business sites.

So, as a result, at any point, the WordPress Community can modify the software. It is constantly developed and modified by developers and programmers to be a flexible platform for building websites with many design tools. WordPress has millions of free themes and plugins, which can be downloaded from wordpress.org.

WordPress is the best website builder for e-commerce, business, and blogging websites. It has made a clear mark on its E-commerce hosting as well. Of every four websites you visit, at least one is hosted by WordPress, which says a lot about how well WordPress is doing.

Interestingly, WordPress has even been used to host pages like The White House, The official blog of Microsoft and The Rolling Stones. Out of 1.5 billion websites, over 75.6 million WordPress-hosted websites are on the internet. Hence, making it the winner of the race of the best website builder.

Technological adaptation of WordPress which makes it the best Website Builder

When the first version of WordPress was released in 2004 as WordPress 1.0, it was far from the leading pioneer it had become. It developed as a blogging system, and only people who knew coding could enjoy the CMS features. Over the years, millions of changes and updates have been made to the platform.

In 2005, the Akismet comment spam filter was still one of the most used blog plugins. More and more investments poured in as they continued improving the builder. Finally, with the purchase of Gravatar by WordPress, WordPress brought about another perfect update. However, actual developments started being made when they introduced the WordPress Theme Directory. Anyone could upload their designed themes into the directory, and people who needed them could download them for free.

Further, they also added a CodePress editor, which lets developers edit their sites. As a result of these improvements, they managed to win the Packt Best Open Source CMS award. In addition to their APIs and new releases, it became more than just a blogging experience. One of their best updates was Thelonious one 3.0, in 2010, which made possible all the customization to the contents in WordPress. After that, they started to release new versions, and with each new one, there were more improvements.
They brought changes in their interface to make it more responsive, automatic version updates, use of grid formats, easier customization and so on.

Now with the latest version of Adderley, WordPress 5, you can add custom fields to menu items, there are new APIs, and it can even support Tiktok embeds.

Wix Website Builder, Type: Drag and Drop

Wix started its platform in 2006 and slowly rose to having millions of users on its platform. If you hadn’t heard about Wix in the past, you probably are very aware of what they do through their ads. Their ads constantly played over YouTube and applications over and over until people recalled the brand name. So now, almost everyone knows what Wix.com does. And if you can remember nothing else from those ads, you indeed do recall hearing that it’s easy to use. Unlike WordPress, Wix is a drag-and-drop website building platform. Initially, they were using Flash site builder on their media. However, as smartphones gained more popularity in 2012, they introduced HTML 5.

They provide a customized template for the users to build their websites. Unlike WordPress, Wix doesn’t have a lot of free plugins and templates you can play around with. If you want to use Google analytics and Favicons, you must use the premium package. Nonetheless, you can start building your website from scratch in the website and make a website that is ultimately yours. It also ensures uniqueness in your websites. So, their drag-and-drop templates and designs can be straightforward to build small sites under a budget.

Weebly Website Builder, Type: Drag and Drop

Like Wix, Weebly provides the drag and drop editor for building websites. There are many articles on how you can follow the steps to design a website easily. Although they are easy to use, they offer pretty good features under an attractive price range.

Weebly started as a hosting web service in 2006 and was acquired by the square in 2018 for $365 million in cash and stock. The site also has enough support for essential blogging and e-commerce businesses. The site also provides unlimited storage capacity in total. Weebly is highly regarded for its e-commerce website hosting. Since it has also integrated a newsletter into its marketing features, it is easier to comply with the marketing campaigns of the user. In addition, they have an application you can use on android and iPhone, which provides analytics and traffic statistics on your phones as well.

Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress major features comparison and verdicts

WordPress gives you complete ownership of your website. So, you can design the website yourself using their content management system. In addition, WordPress lets you customize your site with great flexibility. Conversely, Wix and Weebly have a drag and drop system where the flexibility is minimized. But you still enjoy the straightforward process of making a website. Each of these builders has its competence. Thus, comparing these features between the website builders and their juxtaposition will justify why one is better than the other.

WordPress is the best builder for themes and here’s why

Over the year, millions of professional developers have constantly updated WordPress themes. This is why the designs are experienced; as a result, you will have many free methods you can play around with. There are tons of free themes they give away, and there are also the ones they sell. WordPress has a database of a whopping 74000 themes, which the developers have perfected during the past decade. These templates generally have been tried and tested and continuously monitored for their compatibility and latest trends. So, with WordPress, you can use templates from a vast pool and choose the one that best suits your site.

With an extensive library of professional themes and templates, WordPress has a better option for themes than Wix and Weebly. If there is something you can improve on your site, with a bit of coding, you can easily make the changes in WordPress. You are free to change your WordPress website in a coding or a non-coding way. Although Wix and Weebly have attractive themes, they are in no way comparable to the professional feel provided by WordPress.

Wix Themes

Although Wix has an impressive number of themes of over 500, it is not comparable to WordPress in this context. You can still use Wix to make every single type of website, but the variety is trivial. However, because it lets you start your website from scratch on a blank canvas, the site might become unique per your preference. The templates come with imagery and texts that you can modify according to your requirements. Even though you can work with Wix, its fees get very high in the long run.

Weebly Themes

Weebly also has about 100 themes and templates. Since you have fewer templates to choose from, it might not be as easy as using other website builders like WordPress and Wix. Nonetheless, their themes as entirely professional and can meet many requirements. You can always make it work by adding different gadgets and colour options. Also, their themes are responsive to many devices. But similar to Wix, the extra plugins and apps will make the website expensive to maintain after a while.

WordPress is the best for E-commerce as well as Businesses!

Worlds more than two-thirds of e-commerce sites run on WordPress. Many platforms let you host e-commerce websites, but there are only dominant. WooCommerce plugin, which powers e-commerce websites for WordPress, is the most used one on the web. Most people use this e-commerce extension for a reason, and that is its suitability. Its powerful features adhere to the requirements of most businesses and are hard to compete with. Furthermore, you can use the plugins specifically designed for e-commerce. For instance:  WooCommerce – Powers 32% of a complete eCommerce website.

WP e-commerce

Further, you can find any plugins for payment gateways and platforms in WordPress. Although you need extra plugins to start e-commerce with WordPress, the site functions exceptionally once you make the necessary adjustments. At the same time, gaining momentum over your competitors is essential to show your presence online. Now you do not have to stress anymore because WordPress allows you to connect to your email marketing with thousands of free plugins. Therefore, it can boost your marketing campaigns. Some of the free WordPress plugins that you can use are:

  • MailChimp
  • SumoMe List Builder
  • MailPoet Newsletters
  • SendinBlue

Wix E-commerce experience

To boost your conversion rates and gain more traffic, there are specific tools you can use in Wix. You can buy these plugins from the app markets from their website and use them according to the requirement. Wix has space where you can easily carry on your e-commerce business. The site lets you create, manage and sell your product online efficiently. They have layouts that you can choose for your e-commerce business. No matter what purpose you are using it for, there are options even for multiple payment options.

Weebly E-commerce experience

Weebly has some of the best features and plugins for e-commerce. These are both convenient and easy to use for your customers and you. Once you set up your store, you get access to software that is fully integrated with features such as

  • Shopping Carts
  • Inventory Calculations
  • Dynamic search and filter tools

Weebly also has one of the best e-commerce experiences, which handles a wide range of products and services. You can also develop apps for android and iOS using Weebly for your business. You can process, inquire, respond and add new products using that app from anywhere. In the same way, your customers can benefit from it too.

Why does WordPress win in terms of plugins?

The plugin helps to add new functionalities to themes. With people who are constantly making contributions to make the platform better, they have developed plugins that complement the site. For example, they have plugins for adding image galleries, social media plugins for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, including major Application Plugins including WooCommerce, Elementor and Dokan. There are more than 50000 plugins available for free on wordpress.org. These plugins make it easier for your visitors to navigate around the site. The plugins offered are:

  • WPForms for your visitors to contact you
  • Monster Insights for google analytics
  • Sucuri as a security plugin against malware threats.
  • Elementor modern page builder
  • And also Yoast SEO, which helps to optimize your website for search engines.

As a result, WordPress is anyone’s first choice regarding plugins and apps. Their wide array of plugins lets you make your design interactive and sophisticated. The app markets for Wix and Weebly are a little too expensive and difficult to navigate. So, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t choose WordPress, for that matter. So in

Wix Plugins

Unlike in WordPress, in Wix, the plugins are called apps. Wix allows you to have more than 200 apps that you can add to your site. As in WordPress, you can enjoy the ability to connect your website with social media. Under the Wix app market, you can get the apps for free and also get a lite version of those apps. However, it fails to provide as much flexibility as WordPress regarding plugins. Plus, some apps aren’t free and require monthly fee payments.

Weebly Plugins

Like Wix, Weebly also allows users to enjoy the plugin benefits through its app centre. The users can use the app centre to connect the website with social media, G-suites, chats, accordion, etc. Some of these plugins are free; however, you need to purchase some premium apps for your website. For instance, their G-suit costs $70 a year, but there are other apps like FAQ and call-out boxes that are free.

Why WordPress is the best website builder in terms of responsiveness?

A good site means that visitors can quickly get what they are searching for on your site. And people might be using any device to enter your website. WordPress does an excellent job of making your websites responsive on mobile and desktops. The additional coding information, if you have a little, can make the website highly optimized. Or else you could use a plugin that will instantly make your website smooth in no time. There are free plugins and ones that take a fee but do the job quickly. For instance:

  • JetPack
  • WPTouch
  • AMP for WP

Although WordPress, Wix and Weebly are very popular for their drag and drop tool, it poses a more significant disadvantage to the users. The website might look good on your laptop, but maintaining the same on phones will be a more excellent hassle. In this context, the highly professional themes by WordPress has a lesser chance of being non-responsive. Additionally, WordPress will let you play around with the codes and edit them if needed to make your site responsive.

Wix Responsiveness

The themes offered by Wix have excellent designs and layouts. They usually look good on most of the devices as well. But the issue comes when it needs to be optimized for many devices. Since they moved to HTML 5 in 2012, the site has been comparatively more mobile-friendly. You might also need to understand coding and play around to make the site responsive to various devices. However, there are ways you can do it by playing around with the objects. For example, to make the site layout responsive, you can open the code and change the width to 100%.

Weebly Responsiveness

Weebly themes are responsive to any device and attractive. You can efficiently work around their HTML and CSS codes if you also know how to code. Their websites look excellent on desktops as well as on smartphones. However, these designs lack flexibility. The themes aren’t as customizable as WordPress. You can quickly move things around on Weebly per your wish, but you don’t get options as good as Wix or WordPress.

Why is WordPress the best website builder for Images and Video integration?

WordPress has a well-managed media library where you can easily store images and videos. You can use plugins like Envira Gallery to store your files in albums and folders. Not just uploading pictures, but you can also integrate videos from 3rd party sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Some plugins will smooth the user experience while viewing a video, even on mobile devices. The media gallery plugins for WordPress have been developed and perfected over the years. There are tons of free plugins that can be used to store and organize your media in WordPress. You can use plugins like Firebird and Media bay to manage the contents on WordPress. However, Wix and Weebly might have to buy a premium plan if you want more extensive storage.

Wix Images and Videos integration

Wix gives you a stock of millions of royalty-free images that you can use on the website for free. They also let you edit and store your images online on their servers. In addition, they offer about 40 different gallery templates to store your media. Initially, Wix comes with 500MB storage to 500MB bandwidth. However, you can upgrade to premium plans to get unlimited access which could be a little expensive. You can also integrate video in Wix from YouTube, Vimeo, or your video library.

Weebly Images and Videos integration

Similar to Wix and WordPress, Weebly also gives access to the users of its royalty-free image stock. The database consists of high-quality images that could have free or paid photographs. When using videos on your sites, you can easily embed them on the website or even host your videos. Unfortunately, the free version only offers up to 500MB of storage. But if you plan to use a pro/premium plan, you can get unlimited access to storage. Their pro plan typically starts at $12 a month.

WordPress gives you the best security experience, here’s why

Millions of developers and security analysts to find the possible bugs before releasing the version, so the WordPress core is hackproof; always test the WordPress core system. If any WordPress site is hacked, it might be due to various causes. But most security breaches happen due to insecure themes or plugins. So always use themes and plugins from wordpress.org or sellers. Do not use pirated or nulled themes or plugins. WordPress Security issues can be due to the following reasons.

  • Brute Force Attacks
  • File Inclusion Exploits
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross-site Scripting
  • Malware

How to make sure that your WordPress website is secure?

Nonetheless, there are ways in which you can avoid these security concerns. In addition, there are ways in which you can decrease your vulnerability to the issues. Such as:

To avoid such attacks, you should make sure that you maintain stronger passwords. For example, include characters, symbols and numbers to prevent the possibility of getting hacked. Also, make sure you are not using the same password on every single one of your sites.

Use only WordPress plugins and themes from authorized and reputable sources. In 2017, 39.3% of the total WordPress hacks were due to out-of-date core software. So, regularly updating WordPress, plugins and its themes is crucial to avoid such attacks.

Use only WordPress plugins and themes from authorized and reputable sources. Codes that are poorly written have a higher tendency to have loopholes. So, avoid them by using only reliable themes and plugins.

  • Install a WordPress security plugin to protect your site.
  • Use Two Factor Authentication.
  • Make sure that your devices are all updated and free from Viruses.
  • Use STFP instead of FTP when you have a choice.
  • Have backups for your data.

Although there are a few security concerns while using WordPress, the team actively works towards securing the software as soon as possible. The responsibility for reducing the chances of these security breaches lies in the hands of the WordPress Security Team. The security team will only disclose any issue and release the security fix for any bugs. You must take note of these fixes and update them according to the requirement.

While WordPress might not be able to provide 100% security to all the issues. But most of the breaches are due to a lack of diligence by the builder, which can be avoided. It can give you the best security compared to any of the other competitors in the market. WordPress community is strong and ensures the safety of the websites to the maximum extent.

Wix and Weebly Security

Security concerns are relatively more significant than WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. However, like WordPress,s you need to be aware of not letting anyone else get a hold of your password. In terms of Wix and Weebly, there is no community involvement, so it’s difficult to say they are as secure. In addition, you need to make sure that you are regularly updating your websites if you want to prevent hacking and other cyber-attacks.

Another issue with Wix and Weebly is the lack of data backing up. It might be difficult to rebuild the sites again once they are hacked and will take a longer time to restore. Although they have SSL encryptions, their lack of restoration is a massive issue for the builders. In addition, you cannot import your data in any other format, which is a huge security concern.

No one yet can compete with WordPress’s Blogging experience; see how WordPress wins its race in terms of blogging as the Web no. 1 platform. As mentioned earlier, WordPress first started as a blogging platform. So, on every website you make, there is an option for using their blog platforms without making any other purchases. In addition, their built-in platform lets you start a blog for your business anytime.
To this moment, no other website builder has been able to provide a blogging experience as good as WordPress. They try but to no avail. WordPress started as a blog hosting platform and has become the best one yet. So, if you want a smooth blogging experience, try WordPress.

Wix Blogging experience

Once you create your Wix.com website, you can also design your blogs. Similar to WordPress, Wix also has a built-in blog. You can also schedule a blog on Wix using Wix ADI in a matter of a few moments. The ADI will design a blog specifically tailored to your needs. If you already have a website, you can add the blogging plugin from their app market and start using it. However, to set up your blog, you will have to buy a domain name for the blog.

Weebly Blogging experience

Weebly cannot match the efficiency of WordPress when it comes to blogging, but it has better options than Wix. You can control the categories, RSS feeds, tags and social media tools for Weebly. Weebly focuses on ensuring that your blogs reach your audience fast and smoothly. Therefore, they make sure that the blogs load quickly.

Why does nothing compare to the SEO performance of WordPress?

If you are planning to use blogging platforms on your website, the best website builder for you would be WordPress. Currently, nothing can beat the efficiency of WordPress when it comes to SEO optimization. With a few clicks of a button, you can change the functionality of a WordPress website. It lets you use its content management system to set up for SEO success. Many plugins will direct you towards a more optimal site that google and other analytics recognize. You can use plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math, which help you balance the technical and written content on the blogs.

If you want your sites to rank the highest in search, you cannot beat WordPress at any cost. The plugins that WordPress offers help you design your website to attain the optimal balance between design and content.

Wix SEO comparison

Wix can do the job for you if you want a primary blog platform. The basic features under SEO like meta tags, headers, keywords, links and so on are available, but you will have to look beyond these options for most effectiveness. They have a few apps and plugin apps that can help in the SEO but are a hassle for users.

Weebly SEO comparison

Although Weebly also has SEO-friendly features and approaches, it cannot compete with the efficiency of WordPress. They have options like meta description, HTML formatting, and mobile optimization. However, if you want to go beyond that, you must use third-party apps and plugins. If you want your site to be ranked based on SEO, you will have to rely on plugins and apps.

Which website builder is the easiest to edit?

Due to the drag and drop option, Wix is easier to set up in the beginning. Without knowing anything about coding, you can make your build your site with its tools and templates. However, the issue with this is that once you go live with your website, you cannot play around with your templates. So, you need to be careful about what you choose. You might also have to use many third-party apps from their app store to scale your website. Also, since they have many easy options, getting lost and overwhelmed with their features is easy.

Wix is certainly the easiest one when it comes to editing a website. The drag-and-drop tools let you play around with the options without worrying about coding, and it is easy to edit your website.

WordPress Editors

There is always an option in WordPress to make changes to your themes as necessary. You can customize the site according to your requirements and still be able to use the original theme. However, without some technical knowledge, sometimes it is difficult to navigate around with editing on WordPress. WordPress has a steeper learning curve,e which can be a bummer for many trying to run their websites without technical assistance. But once you get used to the WordPress technical base, you can explore further.

Weebly Editors

For a small business, it can be easy to use drag and drop editors to build your sites using Weebly. You can quickly build a simple yet stylish site in minutes. However, the customizability of the templates is limited unless you can code. Therefore, Itconstricts you into using only a few available options. Also, if your site goes down, you will have to rely on the Weebly support team to get it up and running for you since it doesn’t have personal restore options.

Which website builder is the best in terms of ease of use?

WordPress has a steeper learning curve in the website building process. Conversely, Weebly and Wix have drag and drop tools that are easy to use. You don’t need to know much about coding to use either. However, Weebly lacks the smoothness which you enjoy with Wix. But Wix lacks the options that you have with WordPress.

In the beginning, WordPress might not be the easiest one to use. The website has many options and excellent flexibility,y but this might initially overwhelm users. However, once you start to get used to their features, you can enjoy lots of flexibility. There is a reason why it is the best content management platform on the website. So, although it might take a bit more time to get used to WordPress, in the long run, it is worth it.

Wix ease of use

Wix lets you use one platform for all the functions. So you can use Wix as a one-stop solution for creating your website. The templates and themes are attractive as well as easy to use. The drag and drop options also let the users enjoy building their websites. So you can drag items anywhere on your site till you fill comfortable with how it looks. However, the issue with Wix is that it doesn’t have a large array of options.

Weebly ease of use

Although it uses the same drag-and-drop feature as Wix, Weebly isn’t as easy to use as the former. It lacks that easiness because there are many restrictions on the templates and themes. So although you do not need to now code for building your site, there are things that you have constraints with while using Weebly. However, it can be easy, to begin with for many people due to drag and drop.

WordPress has the best pricing compared to Wix and Weebly.

Although the price varies with the number of premium themes or plugins and add-ons that you use on your websites, WordPress gives you the best value for the money. The website builder lets you choose from thousands of free themes, plugins, and templates. On top of that, most of these are more reliable, responsive and professional than Wix and Weebly. In addition, there are two different platforms that you can use under WordPress.


If you use WordPress.org, you can enjoy the platform’s services for free. The only cost involved in the setting on the website in the beginning. Once you set up and pay for your hosting, you can enjoy the features for free. They also have the option where you can hire a developer to maintain your site at a very minimum cost. The cost of hiring a WordPress developer can range from a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on your site. Although this is not a necessity, it can help some people. Some WordPress hosting platforms are:

  • BlueHost
  • WordPress VIP
  • WPEngine
  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • DreamHost
  • A2 Hosting


The costs for WordPress are as follows.

The monthly domain name and hosting cost: starts at $2.95 which can range up to $25.
Design cost: $0 to above $10,000.
Themes: Free themes start at $0 up to $90 (Premium) per theme.
Plugins: Free starting at $0 up to $290(premium) per plugin.
Hence, you can develop your modern website with WordPress by purchasing good hosting, starting at as low as $2/month.
SiteGround and BlueHost are top Cheap and Best Hosting Providers.
How to Find a Cheap and Secure Server?

Top 10 Cheap Hosting – Wix Cost and Pricing

The lowest you can build a website on Wix is $4.50 per month. Comparatively, their packages are costlier than WordPress and Weebly. However, as you purchase more and more plugins, they will only add to your total cost. Starting at $4.50 a month, you can enjoy your domain name, which is very high compared to $2.95 from WordPress. The price can go up to $28 in the premium plans, which include storage and other mobile application options.

They have different pricing plans for websites and e-commerce. The e-commerce starts with the basic plan at $17 per month and can go up to $35 with premium plans. Whereas for the websites, it starts at $4.50 and goes up to $24.50 with the premium plans. You should understand that with the basic techniques, they will display Wix brand logos and ads on your website, which you might not prefer.

Weebly Cost and Pricing

Weebly has four plans starting with a price of $0 and up to $29 per month. So you can begin to free if you want your website for essential use without getting a personal domain name. However, if you have more options like payment plans for e-commerce, SEO, site statistics, and other tools, you will have to pay more.

The four plans are:

  • Free Plan
  • Personal plan: $9
  • Professional plan: $16
  • Performance Plan: $29

Final Verdict; Why you should choose WordPress as your website builder?

After Wix vs Weebly vs WordPress Comparison, In the end, we all are trying to understand which website building platform is the best for us. Although each of the three platforms, WordPress, Wix, and Weebly, has its benefits, WordPress makes almost all the necessities. From being one of the most reliable platforms to providing thousands of themes and plugins for free, they have been able to make users happy.

The site has numerous design which is very user-friendly.WordPress could be your best option if you want something easy to work with. Not only that, but the WordPress community offers security like no other platform. As a result, it ensures the ranking of your sites. You can use Wix and Weebly to ease operating on the first try and the initial cost. However, in the long run, WordPress makes its users feel good about their choice.

As someone who has been using WordPress for years, we can recommend this to others. In summary, we feel these are the reasons why WordPress is the best website builder at present.

Reasons Why WordPress is the best website builder

  • Greater flexibility in using and editing compared to Wix and Weebly.
  • Tons of Options with themes, plugins, and page builders.
  • SEO Optimization and Ranking is the best compared to any website builder.
  • Built-in Blog platform, which is more advanced and professional than any others.
  • Only one such platform powers one-third of the e-Commerce stores on the internet.
  • WordPress has a supportive community, so any bugs and issues you have are easily fixed.
  • WordPress also provides the value for money that you spend on building your website.
  • Loved and chosen by nearly billions of website owners.

To sum up, After reading Web Development Platforms Comparison in-depth review, we firmly believe that you will be the next one who loves WordPress. Well, here are some of the handpicked Best WordPress Themes. Although there are only 50 themes, we will add more soon. So please explore if you would like to develop a WordPress Website in the UK or from anywhere worldwide. Similalry, please visit Graphic Design near you.