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Online Grocery Store in Nepal


Are you looking for Online Grocery Store in Nepal? Himal Mart Pvt. Ltd is Nepal’s leading online grocery store, operating through the capital city of the Himalayan nation, Kathmandu. Himal Mart s an Online grocery supermarket that serves essential items for daily regimen, including groceries, baby care products, bakery and dairy items, personal care items, Beverages, and household products.  It creates a convenient and trustable atmosphere for customers to do shopping on the way via apps or websites. We provide you access to genuine products online in Nepal manufactured by regional and international brands focusing on high-quality products.





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As a responsible grocery online shop in Kathmandu, we strive to serve organic and local food products from our factory outlets. We have an inventory of our manufacturing plant run by our skilled workforce. This online grocery store is also known for serving freshly picked organic vegetables and fresh fruits online, keeping our customers from consuming pesticide-laden food. We focus specifically on local products and have successfully run a plant for the past six years. Our locally based skilful human resources have gained extensive experience manufacturing local products of premium quality.



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Meanwhile, entrepreneurs working to supply higher-quality essential commodities quickly benefit by featuring their products with our easy business policy. The immense popularity and dire need to consume organic products have successfully established the online retail store to serve our valuable customers. Whether you want to buy groceries online in Nepal at bulk at wholesale rate for retailing or your single-use at wholesale price, Himal Mart always has focused on minimal price rates and assures you to continue in the future.



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For more comfortable reach, search for an online grocery store near me, and shop for all of your valuables for your daily need under one roof, as is established for convenient and hassle-free shopping of day-to-day stuff. As you make a purchase, we guarantee to deliver only Quality Checked items to your doorstep from top-rated brands in Nepal to. Also, we assure you of the best product price guarantee whenever you visit our online grocery store.



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Online Grocery Store in Nepal is a revolutionary approach to its customers. It develops a culture of how you shop your groceries and other imperatives. It provides an Easy Shopping ambience with every item categorised under different heads. You can select your items without difficulties and enjoy the easiest shopping methods by logging into the official website of Himal Mart App is another option to shop for your groceries in a few more straightforward steps. Going with digitalisation flow, we also offer a secure payment system from digital platforms like Khalti, IME Pay, Esewa, Fone Pay or cash on delivery, according to your convenience. Our easy return policy also contributes to gaining the trust and confidence of our customers to a higher level. Regardless of your purchase, we guarantee to deliver 100% genuine items to your doorstep with our Express Delivery Service over different parts of Nepal.



Finally, We focus on satisfaction and expediency with customers and distributors to maintain a peaceful relationship, making us one of Nepal’s top online grocery stores.

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