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Himal Deals


Himal Deals is an online shopping directory. It provides different companies with links to buy services and goods. It’s only listing from trusted and best UK and global vendors all on one platform. Furthermore, it is an affiliate website, so we don’t sell directly. Our objective is to connect you to the best service providers and goods sellers. Sometimes, they send different offers, deals, vouchers, discounts, and our vendors. They refer to highly trustable companies and the brand only. So you can buy with confidence.




Himal Deals




History with Affiliation Networks



We started the affiliation business part-time in 2013; however, we are confident that we can do much better, so we have decided to take our new affiliation website work seriously. We have been working with different vendors for a long time. If you’d like to know how it works, please take a look at the below affiliation website.




Online Shopping In the UK – The past and present of Online Shopping in the UK


The United Kingdom has played host to one of the most advanced e-commerce markets globally. An English inventor, Michael Aldrich, is credited for introducing online shopping to the UK and the world. He founded the “teleputer”, which he implemented to establish a communication network based on internet protocols to develop an online business-to-business (B2B) shopping system for customers. Currently, statistics have suggested that the UK e-commerce market will see a significant hike in financial input and investment between 2019 and 2024. Researchers hypothesis that this hike will amount to an almost 29.6% increase. The walk will reflect the evident change in customer preferences toward online shopping.



Why online shopping?



There are multiple reasons why customers nowadays prefer online shopping.



-Ease of access and searching for products and services
-Shop from any location
-Delivery to any location
-Lower Prices
-Higher customer value
-Easy and efficient return policies
-Access to a worldwide market
-Better time management
-No need for queues
-Access to the latest trends and products





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