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Best WooCommerce Pulgins

With 63,173,136 downloads, WooCommerce powers over 39% of all e-commerce stores online, and its sales power plugins are hitting the online market. It is clear why WooCommerce has made it convenient to launch an online store, which helps ship and automates sales and marketing activities. But once you start and run your store, how can you get more value from the platform and increase your sales? WooCommerce has an excellent premium plugin to help you grow your business.

So how do you choose the Best WooCommerce Plugins? However, filtering through thousands of plugins that best suit your business can be challenging. Do not worry; we are here to help! To help with this, we have a better plugin designed precisely for you. Sales Power Plugins help boost sales and increase the average cart value.

What’s excellent in Sales Power Plugins? Sales Power Plugin is an extensible add-on with additional upsell and cross-sell features with a single click that will help you increase your sales volume. You can create a customised offer of upsell or cross-sell for target products only or activate the automation feature to allow the application automatically generate upsell & cross-sell offers for any products in your store.

Best WooCommerce Plugins

Features of the Best WooCommerce Plugins

Add new up-selling and cross-selling products in a separate WooCommerce system. Show the pop-up product sales window after customers add a product to the cart. Then, show a cross-selling combination pop-up window on the product, coach, and exit pages. Offer a coupon for customers when they arrive at a minimum cost. Up-selling is a way a business tries to convince to buy a more advanced product, upgrade it or an additional item to make sales more rewarding.

For example, a salesperson can influence the customer to buy the latest version of an article, instead of the current cheaper model, by pointing out its additional features. Similarly, cross-selling is a practice where a salesperson suggests buying an additional product for sale. For instance, he might ask, ‘Would you like fries with a burger?’ Businesses can use both techniques to increase revenue and provide a valuable consumer experience. Generally, it is said that upselling is more effective than cross-selling.

Features of Upsell

  • Up-sale shows the pop-up window after clicking the ‘Add to cart button and asking customers to buy products that increase sales for more profit.
  • Sync up-sells products with the WooCommerce system.
  • Configure which products will appear on the up-sell pop-up of each product.
  • Enable/disable the pop-up on single product pages.
  • Shows all products in the category that customers add to the cart in an up-sell pop-up.
  • Select the products that you do not want to appear in the up-sell pop-up.

Features of Cross-sell

Create product bundles and then sell at reduced prices. Shows cross-sell pop-up window with a bundled product that includes the product the customers will buy. Show a pop-up window on the single product, cart, and check-out pages. Ask customers to buy a lower-priced bundle product. If a product is in 2 or more bundles, you can select to show the highest price or only randomly. Customise the cross-sell pop-up message (Wait, we have this offer just for you.) Customise the cross-sell bundle with background, text, icon, and initial delay.

Features of Discount Bar

  • A discount progress bar shows how much customers must spend to get the discount.
  • Support users know how much they need to spend to achieve a discount.
  • Shows how much you need to spend to get a discount. Encourages customers to buy more products.
  • When the customer reaches the minimum for the discount, a THANK YOU message will be displayed to congratulate them.
  • You can customise the position, colour, background, description, and messages in the progress bar.
  • Allows you to redirect to the payment page after reaching the discount automatically.
  • Hosting plays a vital role in the success of any e-commerce store.

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