Thu. Jun 8th, 2023


There has been a historical crisis of health workers in England this year. The National Health Service of England is experiencing a severe shortage of doctors and nurses. The MPs have expressed their worry that the numerous open positions may pose an extreme risk to the safety of patients. According to officials, England is experiencing a 12,000 doctor and 50,000 nurses and midwife shortfall. As per the reports, this is the most urgent emergency in NHS history. But according to the government, more people are working, and NHS England has a long-term strategy to hire additional people.




historical crisis of health workers in england



The historical crisis of health workers in England


According to former health minister Jeremy Hunt, the future prime minister needs to give it full attention. He said that the absence of healthcare workers poses a severe risk to employees and patients and that the government should find a long-term solution. There is now a greater need for medical personnel in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. According to historical figures, about half of all nurses and midwives are foreign-born. However, according to data from the “Nursing and Midwifery Council”, from 2021–2022, more people are quitting this line of work. Last year, 27,000 people left, which is 13% more than the year before.

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