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USA Classifieds


There are lots of websites where you can post free and paid classifieds. For example, USA Classifieds is also a free and paid service provider. Please have a look there F&Q so that you can understand better.





1. I want to post an ad. How do I start?


To start posting ads, you will need to create an account. The Email address you entered during registration will need to be verified. We will send you a verification code during verification, which you need to paste to the presented form or click the link from your Email. Once your Email address is verified, you may start posting ads. When you log on to the system, your name is displayed at the top centre of the navigation bar.

2. I have created an account and asked to enter a verification code. But I have yet to receive an email with the verification code.


Please make sure you have entered a correct and valid Email address. Then, log on to the board with the Email address and password you registered and click register/update. If your Email Address is incorrect, then make the necessary changes and connect “Update Account”. The verification code will be resent to the new address you specified. Please note: The verification code is resent if you change an Email Address. If you selected the correct address, but the Email did not reach you for some reason, log on and click the “resend” link on the verification form.

3. I do not see the appropriate category or subcategory to post my ad.



If you cannot find an appropriate category to post your ad under, please let us know, and we will create a new group if it does not contradict our policies.

4. I posted my ad under the wrong category by mistake. Can I change the type?


The ad can move into a different category by the site administrator.

Please let us know if you would like to move your ad.

For more details, please visit USA Classifieds.

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