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International Youth Summer School 2005

I’m incredibly thankful to the British Council for selecting me to attend the International Youth Summer School 2005 in India. One can always be ecstatic by remembering splendid times. Those six days at the summer school have been fabulous. The feeling of shyness and awkwardness was lost on the first day as the Welcome speech was fascinating and friendly. Shuffling the seats among the participants created a different environment, and talking with a new face and making friends began from that moment.

During different sessions, I got the opportunities to learn about many new things, and the sessions were never dull as we used to play in between the sessions. As my theme was “Peace and Conflict Resolution”, I could learn about the different problems and conflicts worldwide and how people are working to eradicate those problems. This session inspired me to do social work and help other people. During sessions, I learned that many students were working as Volunteers works. I had this concept that doing Volunteer work is useless as we don’t get any money, but now I’ve realised that I was wrong.

International Youth Summer School 2005

I could build my confidence and learned presentation skills during the theme and voice sessions. Similarly, because of the skill session, I can now make my Puppet, and I’m confident I can do a small Puppetry show and convey a different message to people. For example, the message may be about HIV AIDS, safe sex, using condoms, and eliminating prostitution. Education is essential for girls, too.

I’m thrilled that summer school gave us the forum to show our culture and values among such a vast mass. I was nervous about the presentation, but the whole environment made us so comfortable that we could do our presentation nicely and successfully. It was astounding to know that people from other countries were interested in our country’s current situation.

During those six days, I learned about the different cultures of people from other countries. I learned about their living and thinking styles and could learn new things even when we were talking or eating. I had never travelled alone before, but now I’m confident I can travel alone in the future.

Summer School not only helped me to enhance my skills and confidence but also changed my thinking style and my life. Hence, I feel that more people from Nepal should get this opportunity in their life because many people in our country hardly find such a forum and chance of exposure. By Alina As an ICT professional and social campaigner, I attended the International Youth Summer School 2005 in India.

Effectiveness of Summer School

There is proof of success for many various kinds of programmes. Still, the outcomes research base does not reflect all the summer programming options, the complete spectrum of people served, or all the varied kinds of programme agents. For instance, most identified outcomes studies looked at academic summer programmes for young people from low-income families or with below-grade-level performance. Even within educational programmes, reading evaluations were much more prevalent than math, writing, or science assessments.

Sports and religious camps are two more popular programme categories that haven’t been thoroughly analysed. The literature does not examine the benefits of participating in multiple short summer programs over numerous summers, which is the most common pattern of participation in summer programs. Few summer programmes have undergone trials where they were replicated in various settings. The studies uncovered tend to be one-off programme assessments with few implementation data, making precise replication challenging.

Furthermore, because the programmes are purposely modest, many RCTs only involve small numbers of kids and teenagers, whereas many studies of programmes that affect more significant populations are not randomised trials. Organisers only found a few studies that provided solid proof of the advantages. Instead, they discovered more tempered and suggestive evidence.

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